I am very happy to see you got to be featured here on the ONPASSIVE Blog. I’m with ya as far as being into network marketing for a long time. I had given it up for the last 3 years after working day and night to be a successful online marketer and actually had built quite a downline of people a couple of times, only to have the platforms fail and my time and friends lost as well, this didn’t make me look not so good.

So I said that was enough for me and went back to my bread a butter work of being a builder as I have for over 35 plus years, with no internet evening work. I guess it was rest before the reality of what is going to take place with ONPASSIVE as vested Founder.

There was no bait to become a Founder. What attracted me to this company was, I saw something totally different in marketing and not just the (AI) that will be a big part of this company, but the vision that was being developed by Mr. Ash Mufareh who I had never heard of over the years of marketing online.

I have yet to meet him but saw this morning in my back office under notifications from the community a thumbs up from him as to my comment to you. I thought that was very thoughtful and if he reads this reply for some reason thank you ASH you are appreciated for that act of thoughtfulness.

Sorry for being so long-winded Timm, I’m just excited to be a part of this opportunity that is like none I have never experienced in the marketing world since 1998. I look forward to working with all the founders of this company to help others in the future realize the awesome business that is being created by ASH and others. Here to your success Timm and to the future success of ONPASSIVE.

Source: GoFounders Community