There Was No Bait To Become a Founder


I am very happy to see you got to be featured here on the ONPASSIVE Blog. I’m with ya as far as being into network marketing for a long time. I had given it up for the last 3 years after working day and night to be a successful online marketer and actually had built quite a downline of people a couple of times, only to have the platforms fail and my time and friends lost as well, this didn’t make me look not so good.

So I said that was enough for me and went back to my bread a butter work of being a builder as I have for over 35 plus years, with no internet evening work. I guess it was rest before the reality of what is going to take place with ONPASSIVE as vested Founder.

There was no bait to become a Founder. What attracted me to this company was, I saw something totally different in marketing and not just the (AI) that will be a big part of this company, but the vision that was being developed by Mr. Ash Mufareh who I had never heard of over the years of marketing online.

I have yet to meet him but saw this morning in my back office under notifications from the community a thumbs up from him as to my comment to you. I thought that was very thoughtful and if he reads this reply for some reason thank you ASH you are appreciated for that act of thoughtfulness.

Sorry for being so long-winded Timm, I’m just excited to be a part of this opportunity that is like none I have never experienced in the marketing world since 1998. I look forward to working with all the founders of this company to help others in the future realize the awesome business that is being created by ASH and others. Here to your success Timm and to the future success of ONPASSIVE.

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Gregory Hill

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  • David Otto David Otto

    Hello Greg! I enjoy reading the posts and comments of my Brothers and Sisters, all members of GoFounders-ONPASSIVE! We are an,(I.T) Internet Technology Company with (A.I) Artificial Intelligence! We build, create and provide, everything ever needed for TRUE Success! GoFounders-Onpassive is for everyone! Our Business is all about everything that works for you, so you will be Successful. This means that you no longer will struggle or fail, in your attempts, to achieve your goals and dreams, to live a life full of prosperity. Become a Member and be a part of the change! The Change is Coming with ONPASSIVE, The only online Business, you will need for TRUE HONEST SUCCESS! Founder-Member For Ever! David Otto

    4 months ago | 4 July, 2020 11:57 pm Reply
  • created by Greg Hill created by Greg Hill

    My friend.
    Those kind words you wrote in your comment about me also reflect the choices I make when it comes to the quality of people I enjoy sharing a part of my time in life with like you.

    You are at the top of my list Marius and I’m honored to know you as a net friend. In the old days, they would say Pen Friend. Now it’s a digital friendship and business partner. Working with ONPASSIVE
    for our future as part of the team of Founders. It’s exciting times for both of us and others. Thanks for sharing ONPASSIVE with me. Here’s to your continued success, Marius. I’m looking forward to the day we can physically meet and have a Beer together in Germany or the US. Thank you Marius for sharing with our ONPASSIVE Community of friends who are totally IN IT TO WIN IT….

    7 months ago | 13 March, 2020 3:18 am Reply
  • Marius Wlassak Marius Wlassak

    Well, well my all friends outthere – now you know what a honest and very true testimonial can look like.
    I knew Greg Hill since a while know, digitally spoken, but what i realized soon is that his devotion and inner heart is a big as Onpassive and i am everyday positively shocked about the absolute
    simplicity, clearness and phenomenal excellency of his exposures and way to go. What i just want to underline is: What if we all would proceed like that? What will happen with Onpassive and what to our world, which actually is not what we want, driven by… If i only could be a writer, i think Greg’s stories would make it on an endless paper. Thanks for sharing Mr. Hill !

    8 months ago | 6 March, 2020 8:13 pm Reply
  • created by Greg Hill created by Greg Hill

    Thanks, Samuel
    I appreciate your comment about my commenting on Timm’s recent post in the community. I’m happy to hear that you also are feeling the excitement that is growing every day by leaps and bounds with the ONPASSIVE community of Founders who are just awesome. I am not able to express my enter feelings about this opportunity to be a small part of something so big. ONPASSIVE is off the charts when it comes to those who are on the leading edge of the business world of AI that is coming to fruition because of Mr. Ash Mufareh vision for the future of business and how it will be conducted with AI. Artificial Intelligence is a work in progress, I’m so excited to be apart of a business that has people who are truly IN IT TO WIN IT as yourself. I wish you all the best in having success with ONPASSIVE.I know there are many including myself that are experiencing it already.

    Greg Hill,
    Founder and Discovering ONPASSIVE for what it truly means.

    8 months ago | 6 March, 2020 6:09 pm Reply
  • Avatar Samuel

    You’re very true Greg! I wish you went even far than that to express your excitement. It resonates with what I also feel.

    8 months ago | 6 March, 2020 8:28 am Reply

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