Find Right Event Venue

Once the goals are defined, and the target audience has been identified, marketers must start their hunt for the ideal event venue. It shouldn’t only match your marketing strategy but also the attendees. The venue would decide how satisfied were your audience and how do they perceive your company through the experience they had in the event.

Finalizing a venue should include visual state mapping of the entire event, right from the audience deciding to reach the venue to them leaving the event premise.

Venue hunt should begin 3-4 months in advance because there are many other companies in a similar industry that might target your audience in the same location and time.

So Below are a Few Tips that Could Help you to Find the Right Venue for your Event:

Location: Just think about an event for which you had to travel a long way from your place. In between, you also had to cross the frustrating traffic. Just remembering those events is also so painful. Isn’t it? You need to consider all these factors too while selecting a venue for your event. Long distances and high-traffic zones are straight away “No” for planning a venue. Also, the venue should be easily accessible for the attendees. That means any person should easily reach the location without much searching problem. The venue should be listed on Google Map for directions.

Parking: Once customers or the audience reach the venue, they shouldn’t face any parking issues. Many people do not like attending events where they need to pay to park their vehicles. Hence, you should make arrangements to take of these issues.

Capacity: As per registrations made in advance, you need to think about the capacity of the venue. You shouldn’t make arrangements assuming fewer people will attend the event as expected. It should be otherwise, and the arrangement should be made with higher expectations. The hall capacity to hold your audience shouldn’t fall short.

Services and Amenities: A venue should have the following services and amenities to host your event:

Food catering facility – Does it serves food or allows bringing in outside food?

Event furniture – Does it provides chairs and tables or do you need to rent the same?

Setup and clean-up crew – Are there people already hired by the management at venue end for setting up the interior and cleaning the floor frequently to keep it neat and clean?

Audio-Video Capabilities – Does it have a built-in AV support or do you need to rent it and hire someone to handle it?

Layout: Although the location is ideal and the venue has parking space, but you still might have to check layout to decide if it matches with the interior design that you have planned. The layout would help you set up counters for different activities and business meeting spaces.

Ambience: You must have observed different venues for an expo and a business conference. There is a reason behind it. Different ambiences give a different feel of the event. Hence, you must plan which venue will suit the most to your audience to feel the message that your event is set to deliver.

Insurance: There are a few venues that require companies to submit duly signed event insurance to the venue management team. These are required to cover unforeseen incidents that could lead to business loss, such as fire, burglary or death during the event.

Accessibility: Every member participating in the event should be able to access amenities and services at the event. Your audience might consist of kids or those who require special needs. Hence, you need to ensure all such arrangements have been made at the venue.

Acoustics: When the host or speakers are using microphones, the speakers shouldn’t sound loud or echoing because the hall is missing acoustic panels. You must visit venues personally to check if the event halls are acoustically treated rooms.

Cost of the Venue: If the venues have open dates to fill for your event on a specific date, then the cost of the event could be further brought down by negotiating. However, it is not the same when you try to book a venue during peak seasons when the availability of the venue might be questionable. In such a case, even if dates are available, venue management could charge you higher than other dates of the year.

These are the tips which you must go through and consider, only if you are already deciding to find a venue for your event. We hope these suggestions play a vital role in bringing down the cost of conducting the event, and at the same time provide an awesome experience to the attendees.