Various Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI in Digital Marketing can revolutionize the way marketing strategies can be executed. AI technology can imbibe human characteristics while dealing with any product or service functioning. Applications of Artificial Intelligence can derive appealing experiences to the consumer. Moreover, the time consumed to derive the outputs is significantly less and, at the same time, productive. 

No doubt, Digital Marketing revolutionize business with the usage of AI applications. AI is the result of human experiences fed into the system. So, they act as humans do. Their role in replacing humans is influential by the way they sort out solutions during the human absence. 

Businesses adopting Artificial Intelligence would be happy and satisfied to use them. Supporting this ONPASSIVE, an AI-powered organization built various AI products covering various business domains. Let us explore them here below. 

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

O-Cademy: Education in an online mode is the current necessity. All the enthusiastic learners, be ready to grab what O-Cademy can offer you. The tool serves as an e-learning platform enabling extensive course options. AI built tool offers course curriculum for both teachers and students. In addition, the quality checklist of the tool helps ensure more attractive and quality teaching. 

Don’t be limited with your employment or age. O-Cademy is flexible enough to cater to all aspiring learners or educators globally. 

O-Staff: Do you wish to automate your office administration and the recruitment process? Stay tuned! Avail yourself of O-Staff, a perfect AI powered HRMS tool for businesses. O-Staff maintains employees information , tracks their performance, generate reports, supports payroll integration and employee training programs.

AI voice search enables employees to check leaves, holidays and specific information concerning the organization. So, accomplish your HR goals efficiently and quickly with O-Staff.

O-Counting: Managing and creating accounting records is now easy with O-Counting. The complete record of sales, purchases and invoices is maintained with the tool. Reports give a complete analysis of the payables and receivables. In addition, The cloud technology of the tool enables to access information from anywhere. Also, the currency is no longer a problem as the tool supports a multi-currency feature. 

O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ): Enjoy an enhanced customer experience with O-Desk. Current marketing trends are best understood by the tool. At the same time, the tool enables to implement the various marketing strategies efficiently across various platforms. The tool uses sentiment analysis to understand customers better. Thereby, the conversations turn more interactive and lively. Moreover, connect and interact with the customers more intelligently with the tool.

O-Chat: A user expects a conversation to be lively and interactive. That is what an O-Chat can do. AI Chatbots store user data and previous conversations and recalls them for any future conversations. The virtual assistant strengthens customer relationships and also contributes to sales growth. Also, the costs of customer support can be reduced. 

OTRACKER: It is an AI tool developed to identify the user’s location by tracking the IP address. The tool enables us to gain extensive insight into the customer base. Moreover, it enhances business image and visibility, geo-fencing schedule, identify fraud, and know the traffic count on your website. In addition, click density can be known with the help of heat maps. Significantly, AI reports can analyze the real targeted customers. 


AI can manage the workflow efficiently. Having gained knowledge about some of the significant products offered by ONPASSIVE, it is now time to leverage their usage and flourish your businesses.