Social Media marketing is one of the trending forms of marketing and is being integrated by most businesses into their marketing campaign. It is one of the best ways for companies to engage with customers and connect to new customers while allowing businesses to promote their mission and tone. 

According to a survey, it was found out that most of the content that is used in content marketing is visual, and it is essential for marketers to create visually appealing content to increase its reach and improve customer engagement. 

Social media platforms have become the primary means for customers to discover and learn about the products before purchasing them. Therefore, marketers need to take advantage of the internet and incorporate a good design into the marketing campaign to increase social media engagement.

The Best Design Principles to Boost Social Media Posts

The design principles consist of different strategies that help enhance the visual content. They enable marketers to create appealing social media posts and enhance social media engagement.

Some of the effective design principles to create engaging social media posts are as follows:

Have a consistent pattern of logo placement 

A consistent pattern in the logo placement encourages a feeling of familiarity among the audience while creating a more organized look. However, marketers need to make sure that the placement and size of the logo need to be in a uniform manner to create a more attractive design. The logo should be created and placed in such a way that it naturally blends into the design.

Choose and use the brand colours in a consistent manner 

Colours are one of the most powerful tools for brands, especially in social media, as different colours convey different meanings and evoke different emotions among the audience. Orange colour, for instance, looks aggressive while pink creates a feminine feeling and yellow makes a person feel youthful. 

Therefore marketers need to ensure that they choose a brand colour that speaks volumes about your focus and personality. Therefore, choosing the brand colours wisely based on the product and target audience is crucial in design and marketing.

Take Advantage of Images 

Humans tend to understand more information by looking at a picture rather than reading a lengthy post description. This is the reason why most social media posts and ads contain witty images. Therefore, advertisers need to add visual interest to social media posts to increase social media engagement.

It is crucial to use images that suit your brand appropriately and helps increase your brand awareness among the target audience.

Have consistent Layouts

The layout is a crucial element besides colour that makes your brand more familiar to the audience. Therefore, it works best to work with designs that suit your current layout rather than changing layouts for every campaign. 

Having a consistent layout will save time and ensure that the new campaign is blended successfully with the current theme, which ultimately helps boost social media engagement while encouraging familiarity.

Optimize your Posts for different Social Media Platforms 

Managing and maintaining social media posts require continuous posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. Each social media platform comes with different requirements of image dimensions. 

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to optimize social media posts efficiently is by creating templates for different types of posts you create regularly. 

Use Filters to enhance the Brand Identity

Applying filters to images create a unique look and feel to them whether you are posting them on social media platforms or using them as backgrounds in your designs. While some filters brighten the images, others help bring out specific colours. 

Therefore, it is critical to have a clear idea of how you want your images to look, and filters should only be used when they add certain value to your social media post.

Appealing visual content and a good design have become crucial for creating engaging social media posts. The design principles that are mentioned above help marketers boost their social media posts with an increased engagement.


Improving social media engagement can lead to increased business growth. It is one of the most important ways to create and promote brand identity among social media platforms.

However, marketers need to consistently post various images with relevant content to build a social media presence that reflects your brand and interact with customers through engaging social media posts created with the best design principles.