Your Own Boss

Although most people with a regular career are curious about what it would be like to be their own boss, anybody would have to accept that self-employment is likely to come up with its own challenges. Not everyone has what it takes to set up and operate a successful business. But if you feel that your idea is creative, persistent, and ingenious enough to build a comfortable living as the director of your own company, here are a few advantages of being your boss could help in comparison to employment:

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1. Greater Control

As a self-employed business individual, you’ll have the freedom to make executive decisions that will impact the future of not only your company but also your family and career in the future. As an employee, all you do is exercise control within the boundaries of your job description. When you are a business owner, you can start exploring new ways and take difficult decisions that would change the path of your business. With being that person in charge, you will have greater control over you and your business at the same time.

2. Flexible Work Hours

One of the most alluring types of control that a business owner has is the ability to choose when they want to work. Working long hours and failing to commit to a set work schedule is a sure way to hinder the success of your company. Be realistic and don’t allow yourself with too many vacations or your growth will undoubtedly suffer. Also, keep in mind that balancing work and life is an essential feature of succeeding as an entrepreneur. With the help of having flexible working hours, you can set your mind free, and you will be able to work more effectively than ever. 

3. Boundless Career Progression

As an employee, your opportunities are limited, and you are prone to expose yourself to more lucrative positions. Salary hikes are typically few and far between, and when they do happen, they are relatively nominal. But, as a self-employed individual, your income potential mainly depends on your willpower and proficiency. You can also make use of the honours you’ve received as the manager/CEO of your own business to get similar job positions for larger companies in the future if that is your goal. 

4. Greater Sense of Satisfaction 

When you do a great job as an employee you may be awarded something like an “employee of the month”, a pay raise that only increases your hourly wage, or maybe even just a simple acknowledgement given by your managers during a company meeting. On the other hand, when you steadily perform well as a self-employed individual, the whole company yields the results, your income gradually increases. As a result, you feel a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

5. Diverse Learning Experience

During the path of a budding businessman you’ll be able to learn and experience many invaluable lessons like accounting, consumer psychology, micro-management, boosting productivity, conducting professional correspondence, and several other important topics related to business management. This knowledge will show how to be useful regardless of whether you choose to start working for a different company again or take the more entrepreneurial route of founding more startups. You will have more experience, and the thing about knowledge is that it is yours and yours only and nobody can take it from you.

6. Building Positive Habits and Attributes

Every entrepreneur has to build certain habits and tendencies if they want to reap enough income to manage personal and corporate financial obligations. Being your own boss you are the only person in the way of your own success. People who own and work on building successful businesses for long periods of time often tend to build attributes like diplomacy, punctuality, diligence, reliability, and frugality. As an employee of a company, you are simply away from a load of responsibility that a self-employed person does, so there would be fewer chances there to adopt such traits.

When you are your own boss the sky is the limit. When you have your own business, you are not limited by anything with what you can do with your career. That’s the main advantage of being in control. Private practice can lead you to great networking opportunities that can build your connections stronger than ever, and you would have an amazing work/life balance that you always dreamt of.