Importance of Advertising

Advertisement dates back to 4,000 BCE when Egyptians used papyrus to market their goods. Ancient Roman people used pictures and signs on the walls to sell their products. In the 17th Century, advertisements were done on the French newspapers.

But what exactly do we mean by Advertising?

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a marketing activity that communicates with potential and target customers who would like to purchase products or services of a company. It is generally designed with an aim to receive expected engagement from the targeted audience. The creative promotional messages that highlight characteristics of the products or services are called Advertisements or ads.

Earlier, there was no cost involved in advertising. It only required a sign or a message handwritten on a paper (and sometimes by printing machines) and a wall to display the message to the passersby. The objective was anyone who sees the ad, and if the person is interested, then he/she could visit the store and buy the product.

But today, marketers need to buy a space to display and promote their ad. It can be a billboard or an online space. Billboards are, however, going out of the picture and have been replaced by online ads.

Why is Advertising important in marketing?

Marketing can be defined as the technique or a process to develop, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings that customers, clients or partners desire the most.

Marketers use ads to publish such offerings through advertisements which are shared with the targeted audience.

There are several reasons why marketers use advertisements as the medium to deliver their message:

Advertise their products and services: Once a business has been started and product features and differentiating factors have been identified, then the first stage of the product cycle is to create an advertisement which reflects core values of the product and the company. It basically reflects which issues would be resolved by the product if customers choose to buy it.

Create Demand: Through advertisements, marketers introduce products to the targeted audience. If any such product doesn’t exist in the market which can solve their issue, then there could be a high demand for such products. Such as, at present, no company offers multi-level business solution and automation. It has resulted in a huge demand for ONPASSIVE’s online marketing solutions and automation tools.

Monitor and Track: Many companies majorly prefer online marketing and advertising because it’s easy to control the behaviour of the audience engagement with the ad and can also track the impact of such advertisements. Right from liking, sharing and commenting on ads to sign-ups and conversions, everything can be tracked and analyzed at any point in time.

Compete with Other Businesses: Advertisement opens the doors of opportunities to showcase the product’s USPs to those who are being targeted by other companies in the same industry. This allows you to compete with already existing big players who have similar products without the USP which your product holds.

You can imagine why companies do not just rely on manufacturing products or offering services. They need to advertise so that their target customers could come to know about their products and services. Without advertising, your products could not even become visible to the audience to buy, and hence, could also impact your business.