Corona Virus

Whether you are a young adult seeking employment that will provide you with a comfortable income or a senior citizen trying to make ends meet on a meager pension and/or social security, the world has become a difficult place to navigate, in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. Sadly, in some parts of the world, barely eking out a living is a near impossibility.

With so much wealth in the world, it is a tragedy to me that this happens to be the truth, as I know it.

Furthermore, there is developing world news of another likely global pandemic on the horizon, in the hideous form of the Coronavirus. Many workplaces have closed their doors, to help prevent the spread of this disease.  Schools are closing. Concerts are canceling. People all over the world are fearful for their safety. As the Coronavirus further contaminates the globe, we must initiate added safety measures to our lives and protect others, as well. While the Coronavirus is highly contagious, there are ways we can generate a terrific income, while avoiding the obvious breeding grounds (crowds, unclean workplaces, congested gatherings, and so on) that are perfect vehicles to spread the disease of any variety.

It is good to know that no matter where you live in the world, as long as you can access the Internet, you can create a wonderful, growing income for yourself, without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home. ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!  


We may not stop the Coronavirus from becoming pandemic, but we can certainly avoid the major breeding grounds for the disease by choosing to get involved with the best business the world has ever seen!  We do not have to sell anything to anyone. The ONPASSIVE system does all the work for us. All of it!  And our company GUARANTEES we will succeed! We simply have nothing to lose……………and we can grow our income from the safety of our home, while the Coronavirus runs its’ course in this beautiful world of ours.  

It never cost me a dime to review what ONPASSIVE offered before I made an educated decision to become a Founder! Instead of being disappointed once I became a Founder, I have just been amazed over and over with all that we have here, and the amazing compensation plan, to boot! 

ONPASSIVE provides all members with the best of the best AI technology, tools, and absolutely everything we need to propel ourselves to a massively successful future. I had absolutely nothing to lose……………..and a whole lot to gain………….by checking it out, and I am so glad I did! Becoming a Founder in GoFounders / ONPASSIVE is absolutely the best financial decision I have made, and I will always be grateful to our Visionary CEO, Ash Mufareh for creating this wonderful business for anyone and everyone who wants a better and safer life for their family! Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you!