Imagine you have an ecommerce business, and your customers love your products that have innovative designs. Your products and delivery systems have received positive reviews everywhere. Your website receives high web traffic and has outperformed your competitors. Your operational costs are much lower, resulting in high revenue generation.

Does it sound impossible? If yes, then let us tell you that all these are possible but only with the help of ONPASSIVE.

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ONPASSIVE is a tech-driven company that turns your imaginations into reality. You think of an online store, and the company creates it for you. You dream of out-of-the-box products, and ONPASSIVE tools recommend futuristic product designs for you. In case you wish for a pathbreaking team, ONPASSIVE can help you receive one.

ONPASSIVE creates tools that help you automate the establishment and execution process of your business activities. The automation is possible with the help of integrated artificial intelligence that fetches data, segregates, and creates data classification to visualize future actions based on informed decisions.

How could ONPASSIVE help you convert your imagination into reality?

Digital Transformation and Online Presence:

Suppose you only have an idea of starting an online business. ONPASSIVE provides you the map of existing online activities and suggests areas of opportunity through visualizing future demands.

Once you identify the unique and innovative business idea out of all the recommendations made by ONPASSIVE’s AI solution, you are ready to move to the next stage – Online presence. ONPASSIVE helps you to receive the best matching business domain, attractive websites, integrated payment gateways, and online security measures.

End-to-End Business Automation:

After your business has received an online presence, ONPASSIVE tools automate every business function delivering high productivity and efficiency. Right from sales to customer relationships, everything is managed by ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven tools. Two main advantages of business automation are cost reduction and no human error.

Consistent Web Traffic:

Do you know the topmost challenge faced by online business is generating web traffic? Most of the companies fail to receive visitors on their site at all. The inconsistency in content delivery contributes as one of the major factors for receiving less traffic on a website. Unless contents match customers’ interest, they are not going to click on external links shared by you across different mediums.

Hence, ONPASSIVE tools help you design and deliver content that matches buyers persona that increases the rate of customer visits on the site, and most of the time, it also contributes allows customers to take desired actions on the website. Automation of Promotions and Campaigns: ONPASSIVE AI has a vast database of online users that helps its tools to identify the target audience base, and then it designs advertisement strategies accordingly.  The tools identify what message has to be delivered to whom based on their online behavior. Such a streamlined and data-driven approach to promoting and advertising ensures high ROI and better customer conversion rates.

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