If you believe you are happy with your offline business and you don’t have to worry about online wars, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explain why your business needs to be online and what ONPASSIVE has to offer you through its Ecosystem.

Half of the population of this globe is online today to get entertained, to shop, socialize, learn new skills, most importantly, to create business opportunities. Companies have their websites, either created and maintained by themselves or by any third-party agency. App installation has become a norm in our day-to-day life.

Innovation has no limits today since people are making a fortune by allowing you to socialize on their platform. With hundreds of social media websites existing online, people have options to choose where they want to hang out and for what purpose.

Enterprises are taking advantage of these channels to promote their business and interact directly with their customers. 80% of the accounts on Instagram belong to companies for their product promotions. Facebook is the next big platform, after Google, to run campaigns for the brand awareness program.

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So Why Should Your Business Have An Online Presence?

To answer this question, let us take an example of your offline business. Suppose your store is located in area X serving a population of a thousand people. Your business is doing good, and you are receiving loyal customers yet.

One day you noticed your last six month’s earning was very low. You were surprised and looked for an answer. Finally, you did a survey and found your customers have started shopping online. It provides the convenience to sit at home, search for their desired products across various online stores, and pay them without withdrawing from the bank. Online stores also delivered the orders at their doorsteps.

Now, what would be your reaction? Would you still continue with your offline store and let it die slowly, or would you swiftly make a move to be online to grab more opportunities?

We know your answer. It’s the latter one. Isn’t it?

What to expect in the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

ONPASSIVE is a tech company that specializes in creating and delivering tools driven by the integration of artificial intelligence that provides end-to-end automation solutions to your business.

ONPASSIVE is about to launch its Ecosystem, where individual members with different professional backgrounds would receive flexibility to pick AI-driven tools designed for automating business activities across various industries.

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is prepared for any innovative business ideas that are centralized with the concept of AI integration.

Core activities of any business include creating strategies, identifying promotional methods and channels, lead generation, sales management, and customer relationship management. You can ensure the streamlining of these activities with the introduction of ONPASSIVE’s AI solutions.

What are the tools available on the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

1. Advertisement and Promotions:

ONPASSIVE Campaign tools provide you the platform to design and deliver creative and attractive ad templates efficient enough to draw customer attention. These tools also allow you to filter through the vast customer database and identify the target audience.

2. Internal and External Communications:

Founders of ONPASSIVE receive multiple channels to contact and interact with team members and the target audiences. Email templates, video chat, AI Chatbots, private, and shared email inboxes, webinars, and conference applications. All sorts of communication tools with advanced dashboards are available on the Ecosystem that display segregated and stored customer interactions based on the type of issue or objective.

3. Security Measures:

Having an online business is not enough. You need to have security measures in place to protect your data and confidential information from data hacks, breaches, or other phishing activities. ONPASSIVE offers VPN services for safe logins. It also ensures your documents are equipped with digital signatures to avoid data forgery.

4. Online Transformation:

Before using the tools mentioned above, your business needs to have an online presence. ONPASSIVE offers free domain name registration service, website builders to create website designs, and company profile page on relevant social media sites.

5. Integration of Payment Gateways:

An online business without cashless payment options is most likely to push existing customers towards competitors who provide online payment options. Every online company must offer payment gateways to store and use credit and debit cards. ONPASSIVE offers not only secured options to store card details but also provides digital wallets for easy and fast fund transactions on the website.

These are some of the advanced tools that are mostly required for having a standalone handsfree online business. With these tools, your business is prone to reach heights and could take you closer to success. Enroll today with ONPASSIVE to ensure a secure and success-driven future of your online business.