AI Strategy

The importance of AI for business is inarguable. Successful entrepreneurs are employing AI for improved decision making and real-time optimizations across all their business processes, dynamic content, and personalized engagements. With all the high value expected by AI, your business might stay behind the curve if your team has yet to integrate AI-enabled capabilities. It’s never too late to take the leap, but as a business, you must be strategic and intentional in your approach.

Most of the industries are now well aware of AI’s massive potential. The leading high-tech companies have taken the first leap to win in this market. But the industry is still unclear, and a clear map to success hasn’t emerged. So how can companies build an AI strategy and see a return on their huge AI investments?

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AI Strategy – Incremental Value Is the Proof Point and the Final Goal

There is no doubt in the positive impact of AI in your business development efforts, but you should highly optimize your implementation plan. Business owners can’t just toss AI at business challenges.

– When implementing AI in businesses, AI should be a strategy, not a solution.

– According to McKinsey & Company, 43% of global professionals said that a lack of foolproof strategy was one of the most powerful barriers their businesses face in implementing AI.

If you are willing to spend the resources on adopting AI into your business, spend time integrating AI capabilities into your business activities such as marketing, development, and production. Define real, reasonable business challenges that AI can solve.

To increase the value of businesses:

  • Start small.
  • Keep an eye on one or two key metrics you want to impact.
  • Focus on churn reduction or cross-selling.
  • Make sure you can measure the efforts well.
  • Determine a run time and set your AI business goals against your standard process. Then compare the results.

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Artificial Intelligence – Path to Persistent Personalization

Approximately 44% of consumers are willing to switch to businesses that better personalize their marketing outreach?

If personalization is a curve, Artificial intelligence is the main asset for marketers to power through, beyond that curve. Without it, you simply can’t reach the required scale of the modern marketer.

– Marketing success is more and more reliant on delivering engagements at a truly one-to-one level.

– The only way that assures success and scales this modern standard is to adopt AI for potential insights, automation, and agility.

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Deep Learning – AI Strategy for analyzing business data

Within AI, deep learning represents the area of highest intact potential. This technology mainly depends on complex neural networks that process data using various architectures, with layers and nodes that replicate the functions of neurons in a brain. Each set of nodes in the network acts as a different pattern analysis, allowing Deep learning to deliver far more potential insights than earlier AI tools. With this enhanced sophistication comes more significant challenges for leading-edge hardware and software.

Deep learning in AI is something that is here today and being adopted with and deployed into a spectrum of areas. This includes fields such as national security, finance, health care, criminal, transportation, justice, and smart cities.

Accelerate Your AI Adoption with ONPASSIVE

Now that you have learned the strategy to adopt AI, the final step is actually identifying which AI application(s) you’d like to fold into your business process.

Be sure ONPASSIVE is on your list. Our constantly evolving platform is embedded within the AI Platform. It can work in harmony with your business data and our massive, proprietary tools (with over hundreds of tools supporting business activities).

You can harness AI-driven tools and use these tools to gain actionable insights tied to known business processes. From there, you can offer valuable, genuinely personalized experiences to your customers using the precision of ONPASSIVE tools and scale of our AI capabilities.

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