Business Card as a Marketing Tool

It is said that the first impression is the last impression which is absolutely correct about business cards. You might not be aware of the potential of your business card. But it can work for you as an effective marketing tool if you maintain it in the right way.

With a little tinge of creativity, you can convert your Business card to do more than just be a tool to access your contact information. There are subtle ways that you can make a lasting impression and for a business, an innovative way of presenting your services along with your contact details can go a long way.

Following are the twelve ways by which you can use your business card as a marketing tool.

1. Give space to testimonials 

You might be wondering what testimonials have to do with your professional business cards. Usually, testimonials occupy a place on brand websites. But you can add them on business cards too. Adding one or two best testimonials (short ones) from the brand website on your business card (mostly on the backside) will help you generate brand authenticity. Interested clients and customers can seek credibility and reliability through these testimonials. 

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2. Add multi-functionality to your card

It’s most likely that a typical business card ends up either getting lost or being thrown away in a dustbin. However, you can make your business card valuable by adding multi-functionality to it. Here, multi-functionality implies multiple interactions that you facilitate with your business card. But how would you add multi-functionality to a regular business card? 

Well, there are some creative ways. You can design it as a sticker that recipients may put on their desk or in a car. You can also design it as a note card where they can write something important.     

3. Provide links to connect online

If your business has an online presence, you can utilize your business card for marketing it offline. You can provide necessary business links to let your recipients connect with your brand online. 

4. Add your photo 

It is critical that your cards need to be recognizable otherwise you may lose identity with your card. By adding a photo of yourself on your business card, you enable your clients or customers to remember you in a long run. It outlines your association with your brand. Thus, people can relate to you easily with your brand. 

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5. Introduce a cause you are supporting

Your business card is a mirror of your identity. You can create an immediate impact by mentioning the cause you are passionate about. The kind of impact you generate through this can help you create a positive image for yourself and in turn for your brand. Sometimes, potential customers may resonate with the cause you are supporting. Then it becomes much easier for them to connect with you deeply. 

6. Present a challenge

You can make your business card interesting by presenting a challenge in the form of a tricky question or a fun fact. It should be something that amuses your recipient. 

7. Provide special offers

You can go a step ahead and provide special offers in the form of a coupon or a gift. It might be costly but an effective way to engage your prospects with your brand. 

8. Track your business card

By plastering SKU or QR code on your business card, you can track your card’s conversion rate. 

9. Curate with an appealing design

Work on curating your business card with an appealing design. It will help you stand out in the competition. You can make use of beautiful templates for designs that are available for free. You can also hire a professional web designer if requires. 

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10. Keep it unambiguous 

You can add various creative elements to your business card but you must ensure that it is simple and unambiguous. The main objective of a business card is to let clients and prospects contact you. Thus, you should provide all the necessary information more simply. It includes your name, designation, business name, phone number, email address, website URL etc.  

11. Mention your social media handles

Apart from providing all necessary links, you can mention your social media handles including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This way you allow your prospect to connect with you in a better way. Your social media offers a broader outlook about you and your business. 

12. Make use of quality material in designing 

This might sound basic, but using quality material in the design of your business card has a great impact. It displays the reputation of your business thereby create a good impression. 

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The points discussed above are basic yet profound ways to add value to your business card thereby enhancing the brand image of your business. Many businesses have actually implemented these ideas and they indeed stand out in the market with their catchy cards.

Many innovative eCommerce platforms now offer incredible ease at designing and developing business cards using the latest technology. Various platforms offer attractive theme libraries from where you can choose and design your card. So take a step ahead and design an eye-catching business card that says more than just your business name.