Automation is inevitable. Business owners can think of different ideas that could become a company serving unique products and services. But ultimately, it has to be automated at the end. Hence, before launching a company, goals must be aligned with future automation and digital transformation.

Currently, without automation, businesses go haywire, and operations become difficult to manage. Productivity slips down, and impact becomes immeasurable. Business heads fail to give the most deserving attention to the business as they should.

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ONPASSIVE could help you increase your attention lifespan for your business, and below are the ways to explain how:

1. Helps You Define Plan and Goals:

Since automation is the future, ONPASSIVE helps you identify business objectives, target audience, methods to reach the audience, and channels to promote your business and brands. Once these factors are identified, you could work backward to define your goal. You could also work on the plan of action to meet those goals and assign deadlines accordingly.

2. Unorganized to Organized:

Manual processes include high risk of error, missing deadlines, losing productivity, and data leakage. ONPASSIVE reduces these risks by automating every business activity.

Automated processes usually streamline different departments and keep them connected right from planning to execution of any business process.

For example, ONPASSIVE’s Print Shop helps you reduce cost hardware management and buying of required materials for physical documents by digitizing the documentation process. It also allows you to store and use unlimited templates pre-loaded into the Ecosystem to provide more printing options.

3. Define Targets for Your Business:

As a business owner, you should not fire blindly to hit the target. The target needs to defined first of all. Who are your potential customers? Who do you want to reach out to promote your brands? Which channels hold the most relevant customer base?

ONPASSIVE’s AI Solution gives you segregated and refined target audience clusters and promotion channels to deliver customized content for similar customers. Using the huge customer database, ONPASSIVE helps you identify which customer base is most likely to take expected actions and which won’t. It also scans through various social media sites to identify where exactly your potential customers are searching for products similar to yours.

4. Modify Campaigns:

Most of the marketers fail to keep a check on campaign expenses that leads to running out of budget for longer promotional activities. When the target is not defined properly, and the content is not personalized based on customer behavior, it usually returns no ROI.

Hence, ONPASSIVE AI helps you to run or pause any campaign based on the performance of different Ad sets created for different target customers. It keeps measuring the impact and modifying campaigns in real-time and assigns the budget automatically to the best performing ad set.

5. Sophisticated Digital Transformation:

ONPASSIVE provides a complete business transformation from offline to online with the help of various AI-driven tools, such as Domain name registration, Website Builder, VPN services, AI Chatbots, Shared Inbox, automated CRM tools, AI-based Sales tool, Video email campaigns, Interactive Webinar tools, etc. These tools cover almost every activity involved in a business, and with the help of complete automation, your business achieves maximum results before the expected timeline.

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ONPASSIVE helps you transform your offline business into a standalone hands-free business. It increases the visibility to most impacting business data that could further enable you to make critical decisions for expansions or diversification.

It is the only end-to-end business automation solution that currently exists to serve its registered members by providing AI-driven tools access for free. Click here to understand and initiate the ONPASSIVE on-boarding process. Do not forget to click on the “Become a Founder” button.

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