Influencing Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solutions can be seen redefining various industries. Few years ago, when Artificial Intelligence was considered to be a novelty by marketers, not many businesses were ready to integrate the technology into their workspace. But now, from transportation to banking, and healthcare to defense, AI can be seen involved in various sectors. And is transforming the way business is done globally. 

Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing 

It is hard to find a device that we use in our day-to-day life that doesn’t have artificial intelligence encrypted in it. Brands like Amazon and Spotify are making use of AI as a major tool for marketing. In the case of Amazon, Alexa is allowed to access the search history of the customer leading to a customized and personalized online shopping experience. Google Assistant is another example of artificial intelligence that we live with. 

With every application we use in everyday lives, advertisements come through. We live in a digital space, and due to pandemic the rate of using online platforms for banking, shopping, for work, for classes and to top it all up socializing has increased to an alarming level. 

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and its data-driven analysis, marketers can develop an effective digital marketing strategy for brands. Its ability to automate numerous repetitive tasks can save a lot of time, allowing the marketing team to focus on other important activities that require more time and attention. Digital Marketers can leverage AI to analyze the market intelligence which will allow them to identify the current market trends and come up with the most appropriate digital marketing campaigns.

Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing

Customized and Personalized Experience

Brands that provide a personalized experience to their customers are bound to grow faster and richer. AI-enabled tools can analyze big customer data such as customer purchasing history, their preferences, search history and previous interactions with the brand. Using this information, AI finds a pattern in the consumer behavior of each customer and provides customized recommendations and offers on an individual level. This also allows the marketing team to understand their customers and offer a personalized experience based on their interest and desire.

Content for Campaign

AI solution makes it easier for the marketing team to come up with the most appropriate content for the marketing campaign. It analyzes millions of online contents (including competitors’ content) circulated on various social media platforms, websites, applications, and other online platforms. Then, it identifies those with high engagements and well received by the audience. This helps the marketing team to develop the most suitable and optimized content for a marketing campaign that is more likely to create a positive impact among the audience. 

Smart Chatbots

With the integration of AI, new and improved features are applied to applications. One of these is smart chatbots. AI chatbots are available 24/7 which allows a brand to provide instant response to each customer. It answers frequently asked questions. Meanwhile, it also routes the customer to the right department or human agent for complex queries and problems. Instant response to queries and quick resolution improve customer experience and increase the customers’ trust in brands.

Optimized Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important feature adopted by brands. This also helps in one to one interactions and better customer satisfaction. AI-powered tools help an organization to restructure its email marketing campaigns. Using historical data, AI breaks a marketing campaign into numerous segments internally to get a better understanding of the objective and its targeted audience. Then it is structured and the content is delivered to the audience. Meanwhile, to make sure that your recipient is more likely to open the email content, AI optimizes the email send times for each individual.

Artificial Intelligence is still at its early stage of evolution but it has become a ‘must-have’ technology in the digital landscape. AI-powered solutions and tools are providing a great opportunity for digital marketers to understand and connect with their customers. And as AI continues to evolve, this connection will develop on a deeper level than ever before.