AI is an important player in every industry. This digital shift affects the e-commerce industry as well. It’s also gaining traction thanks to AI technologies. AI is being used by online businesses to understand their customers’ wants better. AI solutions for e-commerce enable digital marketers to provide customers with a tailored buying experience.

AI and Machine Learning (ML) jointly boost traditional e-commerce performance to new heights. Service providers can examine their consumers’ activities using machine learning algorithms. In e-commerce, machine learning offers tailored discounts and makes buyer suggestions. As a result, AI and machine learning assist in increasing client trust.

In the next few years, according to market analysts, AI will supplant traditional methods. It’s not surprising that AI virtual assistants, robots, and machines will handle over 85% of client interactions. Many e-commerce businesses, on the other hand, have already begun to use AI as a source of new revenue. These businesses have a stronger grasp on their customers’ habits. As a result, they provide a more enjoyable online purchasing experience while also producing consistent leads. As a result, AI-enabled businesses will be able to stay competitive in the future.

Defining Traditional E-commerce

Traditional e-commerce refers to business transactions or information exchange, as well as the buying and selling of goods and services from one person to another, without the use of the internet.

It is difficult to create and maintain standard practices in traditional commerce. In traditional commerce, there is a direct interaction between the vendor and the buyer. Face-to-face transactions, telephone lines, and mail systems are all used in traditional business.

Here are a few AI tools for e-commerce that can help you boost business efficiency and return on investment:

Top AI Tools For E-commerce

● Virtual Assistants/Chatbots

Because customers spend so much time online, many firms are turning to e-commerce. Artificial Intelligence aids online retailers in creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for their customers. To engage their clients, online stores should have a robust communication channel. This may be simple for offline retail establishments because customers and shop assistants can communicate immediately during in-store purchasing. Customers can choose from a variety of products and speak directly with shoppers about specific items. However, in internet buying, this kind of benefit is restricted.

To overcome this difficulty, e-commerce enterprises must develop effective business strategies. As a result of this trend, the e-commerce market has seen the introduction of AI virtual assistants or online retail intelligent agents.

Many of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Flipkart, are investing heavily in artificial intelligence to give smart e-commerce services to their millions of customers. They’re putting in place virtual shopping assistants to help customers find the greatest deals and products. Furthermore, these virtual assistants are employed to enhance the mobile purchasing experience.

If you are looking for an AI-based chatbot tool, O-Chat by ONPASSIVE is an ideal tool. To know more about O-Chat, contact us.

● Intelligent Agent Negotiation Systems

In the traditional e-commerce market, these cutting-edge AI-powered systems are a hit. The AI systems connect merchants and buyers, make transactions easier, and provide standard infrastructure. AI-based agents are automated and have been given the authority to execute human-like tasks. E-commerce companies benefit greatly from these smart agents since they generate targets based on previous experience.

● New Pricing Strategies

Customers are frequently dissatisfied with product pricing. As a result, retailers must employ the most effective price systems to manage their customers. The unique Assortment of Intelligence enters the picture at this point. Assortment Intelligence is a collection of methods for selling products at a low cost.

This assortment solution is also utilized to keep track of your competitors’ inventory and product availability. As a result, you can quote a product price based on market demand and maximize the profit from your online sales.

● Improved Security

Retailers face significant difficulty in maintaining the security and privacy of customer credentials while conducting online transactions. So, how can you, as a store, deal with this problem? ONPASSIVE is a prominent AI-based business that believes that AI is the ideal option for increasing security standards. AI is utilized for a variety of purposes, including boosting user experience, customer retention, personalization, and satisfaction, as well as protecting consumer information.

As a result, AI helps online businesses to create a link between personalization and data security for their customers. Remember that the more protection you provide for your customers’ data, the more faith they have in you.

● Wearable Technology 

Customers nowadays choose to browse the internet on their Android phones and tablets. As a result, rather than emails or the web, mobile is the key source of capturing people’ attention. When customers look for a product, wearable technology-enabled items assist e-commerce corporations in collecting data about them. This information can be used to deduce customer preferences and search patterns. Retailers can propose products to their customers based on data insights.

● Recommended System

Data filtering systems are another name for recommendation systems. They aid in the reduction of data overload by selecting relevant data from the data pool based on the preferences, interests, viewed items, past orders, and behaviours of customers on the eCommerce website. The product recommendation engine is used by leading e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart to direct users to products/things based on their activity on the traditional e-commerce site and previous orders.


Online retailers can benefit from all of the aforementioned benefits described in this article with the use of AI in e-commerce. In this competitive environment, use AI technologies, deploy intelligent methods and develop your digital company model. Join together with USM Business Systems to make your e-commerce venture a success! We are always glad to partner with companies like yours. Today, let’s connect.