How Does Running A Contest Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Content marketing strategy

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Content marketing strategy is the best way to create brand enthusiasm among your pre-existing customers and help you attract new visitors to your brand and website.

Contest marketing is a powerful strategy to make use of social competition to drive brand awareness, do market research, promote products and services, obtain new leads into your pipeline.

With the digital environment shrinking day by day with different brands trying to market themselves, contests are a fresh and creative way to interact with audiences and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Let’s discuss the various types of contest marketing strategies:

  • Quiz or Trivia Contests offer the audience an opportunity to answer a few questions, have a little fun, and potentially win a prize.
  • Event-Based Contests focuses on occasions such as holidays or special events. Holidays with cultural significance such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day are an excellent opportunity to run event-focused contests.
  • Polls offer you to present several options to customers about their opinion on a particular topic( social or product/service-related). This type of contest can act as an excellent tool for marketing research.
  • Giveaways are a simple contest marketing option where you can choose to reward random customers, make sure the customers meet some basic requirements for the giveaway. This type of contest is an excellent tool for driving engagement and even sales.
  • Photo Competitions encourage user-generated content. Audiences post their photos to enter a competition, and as you know, customers trust posts and reviews from people in their network. Visual aid always helps!

Contests help you meet your marketing goals to create hype about your brand, grow your audience, promote your product or service, and make your sales soar.

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Now, let’s understand how contests help you achieve your marketing goals:

Increase Brand Awareness:

Contests offer a fun and interactive way for people to engage with your brand. It is a unique way to improve your brand’s awareness and audience engagement without directly promoting yourself. In other words, contest marketing is a non-sales way to promote your brand. You can spread your message much more effectively when your audience is doing it with you. Contests are great for new business owners who have a small existing audience or no audience at all.

Reduce Marketing Costs:

Contests bring exposure and value to your brand for just the cost of a prize and a bit of your time. If you compare with other marketing methods, contests offer excellent value. Not all contests are inexpensive, weigh your costs against the probable benefits before you launch.

Build Your Fan Base:

A basic enter-to-win contest that is easy to join provides a significant amount of followers, likes, and engagement on social media. More than audience engagement, more importantly, you are collecting essential customer data to increase your customer base.

Conduct Audience Research:

It is seen people like to share information and answer questions when there’s a chance to win an award. Take advantage of this moment to conduct some user research.

Boost Audience Engagement:

A contest pushes people to interact with your brand. The audience is attracted to the fun element and their chance to win something of value. It is often distinct from the typical content that brands put out.

Boost Sales:

The most important drive for any marketing strategy is to improve sales. A contest helps you to boost sales by motivating your audience to take part in the various contests and react with urgency.

Set your marketing goals right and build your contests around that goal. Better brand awareness and increased customer engagement to low-cost promotion and insight about your users, contest marketing, bring in multiple benefits for your brand.

Not just the prizes but also the value your brand gets from contest marketing is what makes it an exceptional strategy. With the right platform, you can boost your brand and reach your desired audience without wasting your valuable marketing dollars.

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  • Angela Nycz Angela Nycz

    Oh. I’m definitely going to promote contests on my soon to be blog. I try to think of myself as a customer, what I would want from a business. ?

    1 year ago | 30 March, 2020 12:35 pm Reply
  • Greg Hill Greg Hill

    I just read this article about contests and how they have great value. It’s a bit funny how recently I have been wanting to add to my email base and was wondering how to do that. You really need to read this article. The reason is it is right on target with those who are in need of more leads to promote there business or product they are selling.
    Polls and contest engage potential customers and start the trust of the customer by answering or providing information that is needed by a seller to make sales. To make this short. If you are in need of more leads these two things will capture much need leads like an email address for your email champagnes. This Article is very important to know about. Thanks, ONPASSIVE for sharing this awesome content about having the contest and how valuable they truly are in the marketing world. Audio listening while reading provided by Bill Must Productions.

    1 year ago | 27 March, 2020 8:31 pm Reply

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