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In this article, we will discuss the best methods for you to expand and grow your email list. List-building is the most important metric in establishing your online business.

An email is the most common form of communication that has been utilised since long ago. Email marketing is widely used and is more popular than any social media platform.

Email marketing is comparatively much better than other forms of marketing in the following metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates, social outreach and return on investment.

Here are a few methods for you to utilize content marketing to improve your overall email marketing strategy. Having a great content marketing strategy helps to build trust with your customers as well. Let us take a look into some of these tactics:

Gaining Subscribers With Lead Magnets:

As a marketer, you can gain more subscribers with the help of lead magnets and gain more leads or subscribers. You give potential customers a guide, a PDF or a video in return for their email ID.

One of the best examples is SEMRush, a digital marketing tool and website which gives out a free introduction to digital marketing PDF, for signing up with them with your email ID. This is mutually beneficial for both the parties involved, as there is only an exchange of values happening.

Investing In Relevant and Useful Content:

If your main aim is to promote content which is useful and relevant to your audience, then this type of content is evergreen. This type of content is highly relevant for growing your list of email subscribers.

Utilizing Call-to-action For Blog Posts:

Your CTA’s are the ultimate tool for making your audience to perform some kind of action. The call to action should be short, snappy and to the point. All the blogs that you write should have some kind of ROI to it. This helps to build trust and authority among your readers.

Neil Patel’s Blog is a great resource in understanding how he uses call-to-actions in making his readers perform an intended action.

Connecting Lead Magnets and CTA to Landing Page:

All of your landing pages need to have a corresponding lead magnet, call to actions which can help you get quick leads with a form. This method is great for tying up different elements such as CTA, landing page and lead magnets together to ensure a systematic process of lead generation.

Converting Gated Content Into Lead Magnets from Blog posts:

Gated content refers to content which is limited to the users unless they sign in with their email ID and other details to get access to the whole article. The kind of information that is available is incredibly informative, well-written and gives a high payout. This kind of information makes the readers crave to read the information on your blog. In conclusion, these are a few tips on how to expand and grow your email list quickly! We wish you the best of luck in the future for your email marketing campaigns. Good luck!