Artificial Intelligence for blogging. Wishful thinking, you say? Not anymore, we say.

We have come across a lot of people asking the very same question. Is there a possibility of using AI in blogging? If done right, blogging attracts and converts prospects for less money than traditional methods. However, when things do not go your way, expect a considerable time investment producing little returns.

Businesses or brands have aspired to blog quickly, consistently, and at a scale without loss of quality for long now. Their blogs also need to be intelligent and result-oriented topics. Hence, to cater to this requirement, brands must hire and manage talented teams to oversee the process. Given the depth of the demand, it is a tall order for even established firms. This is the reason why only a handful of marketers say their CMS (Content Marketing Strategy) is successful.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies can significantly ease your blogging tasks. AI possesses the potential to augment human writers, taking some of the load off so they can focus on content creation. AI can boost content strategy and identify areas of refinement. Your next blog post could be AI-written too.

To give you a fair idea, we’ll chart out some of the top use cases that use AI to make blogging a child’s play.

Intelligently conceive blog topics:

Artificial Intelligence tools can provide insights into super topics to blog on. You can brainstorm blog topics based on the ideas AI would have given you. In the process, you can negate guesswork out of content calendar creation. AI also helps you identify successful topics that you might have overlooked previously.

AI tools help you identify content gaps and opportunities. There are AI tools that provide competitive intelligence where it tracks competitors’ websites in real-time, highlighting the changes taking place. AI can follow what your competitors’ are publishing and the messaging they use to convey. Through this, you can improve and streamline your content strategies.

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Accordingly, improve grammar :

We have all come across Grammarly. Grammarly features an AI-powered grammar checking tool to enhance the blogging skills of content professionals. This AI tool automatically flags typos and grammatical errors and also suggests a way to rectify it. Thanks to its Chrome plug-in, it lets you create content whenever you are on it.

Editing is a full-time job, but Grammarly can lighten your editing load. It is programmed to catch pesky errors even when your human editors slip off.

Improve content quality automatically:

Artificial intelligence can help improve the quality of the content you produce. Some AI platforms use a linguistic analytics engine to read and analyze content, guiding you to create better content in the process. This lets you standardize content quality across teams and offices. It only means in a big organization where the tool is employed; it will help each writer stay on-brand and be consistent.

Produce data-driven narratives in seconds:

The vital part of the challenge we had posed earlier. Could AI write a blog? Yes, it can help with tools such as Automated insights. This is an AI-enabled tool that uses natural language generation (NLG) to spin stories using data. After a human, has configured automated insights, the tool fetches a spreadsheet of adequately formatted data and writes an article using that data.

Lastly, Artificial intelligence also lets you maximize your content marketing return on investment ( ROI) through blogs. Some AIs help you audit your blog content and assist you in churning out more of the content your audience is looking for. So yes, Blogging is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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