ONPASSIVE Productivity Tools

Productivity drivers are the talk of the town nowadays. Every one craves to get the most out of their days in shorter amounts of time. Businesses are making everyone go berserk over these productivity enhancements and manage to reward the employees that are much more productive than the others. This practice is catching on fire, and for a good cause too. People use several productivity tools to maximize their productivity and the best productivity tools buzz around jobs every day, where people share their latest findings.

ONPASSIVE productivity tools are the latest mantra of the new entrepreneurial culture, and with these tools, you can make the most out of your personal and official engagements. These tools will give you more freedom and time to focus on the essential things in your life and not be hindered by the unwanted confusion and disengaging tedious tasks that take up most of your most productive time. Use these productivity enhancement tools and rise at the top of your ladder of success.

Here are the top 5 productivity tools:


ONPASSIVE webinar is revolutionizing the way we have been doing our business. It can be practiced in various forms, varying from hosting online lectures, conferences, seminars to creating marketing presentations online. Webinars massively benefit businesses from the following aspects.

  1. Develop up Businesses Contacts
  2. Direct Interaction with Target Audience
  3. Increase Business Brand Awareness
  4. Save Time and Cost-Effective
  5. Add Revenue

To sum up, a webinar is, without a doubt, one of the excellent ways to communicate to a broad audience whatever your business is!

Online Calendars

A robust online calendar offers businesses a variety of features to support them schedule meetings and organize appointments. In fact, with ONPASSIVE platform for business, you get an entire suite of tools that you can utilize to schedule any meeting, with any number of people. Along with that, you’ll be able to sync your meetings to your calendars as well.

The online calendar is easy and straightforward, enabling you to plan for meetings and other events efficiently. Whether you require to create a one-off event or schedule a whole month’s worth of meetings, ONPASSIVE can support you be at the top of your agenda while making sure your colleagues are up-to-date.

Private Inbox

Your Private Inbox functions much like an e-mail account in which you can receive and send messages to and from other ONPASSIVE community members, and you can store up to numerous messages.

When you click Private Inbox, you will notice a list of any messages that are currently in your Inbox. Any new messages that you are yet read are displayed in bold text.

When viewing a message, you have the additional features for replying to the message or deleting it. While responding, the original message text is automatically added to your message.

Print Shop

Entrepreneurs would know that advertising is the key to success and expansion. The only way to develop your brand is through exposure, and to get this done, you have to invest in advertising both offline and online. The increasing popularity of the internet paved the way for commercial printers to develop their businesses online, through online printing.

Online printing is a very beneficial service that implements accessible and low-cost print solutions for business owners who are looking for any other printable done effectively.

ONPASSIVE print shop is now offering its print services such as print brochures, flyers, business cards, and canvas designing and printing. As printing costs continue to increase, people are switching to online print shops to increase profits and cut down expenses.

Finally, there is GoFounders community that is always there with ONPASSIVE users to help you in your difficult times whether it is the various productive tools or the knowledge and passion of other business owners who are a part of this community.