Though each business is distinct, even those in entirely separate industries face some of the same long-standing issues. In recent years, AI has become the technology that’s well-positioned to resolve several of these business challenges.

Let’s look at five essential challenges businesses face and how ONPASSIVE solutions help you address those barriers.

1. Fraud

Handling more online and mobile transactions provide consumers with what they require. However, it might also give criminals what they want — that is, an opportunity to seize sensitive private and financial data. With stronger customer expectations about the transaction rate, businesses are struggling to satisfy demand while making sure each transaction is scanned for potential fraud.

ONPASSIVE tools help businesses process speedy transactions. It leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to classify and assess data in seconds that have vastly reduced fraud, spammers, and a broad range of financial crimes.

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2. Customer support

Thanks to the urgency that accompanies the digital marketplace, the customer experience has become an essential part of every company’s success. Today’s businesses may deliver fast transactions, but they still struggle with round-the-clock customer support.

ONPASSIVE solution can react to customer queries while simultaneously traversing a company’s complicated software framework to offer assistance and tips to operators in real-time.

3. Personalization

Customers may like the ease of online shopping, and with their mobile devices, they still desire brands to view them as individuals and provide personalized communications. With a more extensive customer base and without the face-to-face connection, in-store transactions, businesses are struggling with how to personalize each experience.

ONPASSIVE tools help you personalize marketing messages based on the technology’s constant learning processes to assess formatting, word choices, word positioning, and more. The AI determines how personalization can be added all through the customer journey. This means studying, segmenting, and processing for behavioral targeting, messaging, and retargeting and recommendations. Case studies reveal that the use of AI improves personalization has generated increased revenue and conversions.

4. Data analysis

The increase in data is advantageous, but it’s still a hurdle to structure and usefully excavate all this information. Though AI has become a vital part of data analysis in the last decade, arranging that data is still a complicated undertaking.

ONPASSIVE solutions developed machine learning and AI applications for data analysis. Software and data engineers, as well as for analytics experts, can promptly develop powerful data analysis models to enhance their AI-powered data analysis processes.

5. Productivity

Businesses that need to get the most out of their processes and workforce focus on operating smarter for improved productivity. Once again, ONPASSIVE tools can provide a more reliable solution.

Without AI’s prediction abilities, businesses would need to fix both the issue as well as any damage that’s been made. AI protects the IT department from firefighting and encourages them to do their jobs better.

Thanks to these ONPASSIVE solutions, traditional business challenges are finally being handled efficiently. In the process, businesses can secure transactions, satisfy consumers, increase the audience, and consumer interactions, manage data more efficiently and become more productive.

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