Personal Branding

Without a powerful and visible brand, you could be putting yourself and your business at a risk in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life. It is, therefore, personal branding is vital for anyone looking to excel in their business or even get a better job, or get noticed by the press and so on.

So what is Personal Branding?

To sum it up, personal branding is a practice of people marketing themselves or their careers as brands. It is also the ongoing process of establishing a stipulated image or impression in the minds of others about a  specific person. It is imperative that every human being has a unique personal brand, but making that brand into a powerful, visible and attractive is what everyone should aim for. Personal branding could be an online and in-person authentic display of engaging aspects of an individual’s professional and personal activities and interests.

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Why do you need a Personal Brand?

For starters, having a personal brand makes you more successful. We spell out some reasons why you need to have an excellent personal brand if you are in the quest for success.

1. Let the opportunity find you:

When your brand is deep and profound, your customers, clients, vendors, and companies looking to hire you or your services will find you and reach out to you.

2. Online Networking Power:

Make your brand work for you. People find you interesting and desirable when you have a fascinating personal brand and they are willing to connect with you. Don’t be surprised when you get dozens of Linkedin or Twitter connections every day when your personal brand is top-notch.

3. In-Person Networking Power:

You would have many aspects of your brand (Personal and professional) to share when you are at a networking event. It is this that makes people want to connect with you and do business with you. You can demonstrate proficiency and also back it up with online assets on topics such as entrepreneurship, blogging, speaking skill, Social media, etc.

4. Build your business:

It is a given that clients, customers, and vendors are more likely to do business with a company when the leader has a superb personal brand. All the tech giants we know of today, business people, celebrities are all on the pedestal of success due to their personal brands.

5. A personal brand helps in hiring:

A majority of hiring managers use social media to hire. As per a recent survey, 96 % of hiring managers used Linkedin, 53 % used Twitter, while 66 % of them also used Facebook to hire. Hiring managers are trying to find out more about the candidate than just what’s on their resume. They are doing this to understand whether the candidate is going to be an ideal fit in their corporate culture. For all this, Personal branding helps.

6. Platform to make new friends:

Maintaining a powerful personal brand helps you not only professionally, but also personally too. When your brand is fascinating, people would want to connect with you on a personal level. So bank on your personal brand to make you more friends.  

Lastly, a personal brand is a neverending project that evolves and changes constantly. There can never be hard and set rules for creating a personal brand. But these generic guidelines mentioned above in this blog helps provide the first steps, particularly if you are starting a new brand.

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