Digital Transformation

Technology has helped every small and big company in achieving desired results. It results in expansion, high production, reduced costs, and elevated revenues.

Any online business owner could adopt new and upcoming technologies to be competitive, to look future-driven. For that, so many tools are available out there for different business activities. A small change on your website could definitely make it look beautiful and intuitive. But how do you that the button you added on your site was the change your customers wanted?

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Below are the top 5 steps that would help you digitally transform your business:

1. Prioritize Vision:

One thing that we all need to agree on is that technology is just a tool. Every company is eyeing to the technological advancement and implementation instead of prioritizing on a futuristic vision. Without a vision, any innovation would fail the process. It would become a liability instead of being an asset.

Before adopting any technology, you need to question what is the issue you are trying to solve. The vision should translate the process instead of the method. Forget about the tools, resources, and techniques to be used in the process. Focus on how and what your business would deliver on its best day.

2. Welcome Creative Ideas:

Have you heard the saying – “Nothing is a bad idea”? Do brainstorming with your team members and come up with a list of ideas. Do not discourage your team members for any suggestion that you feel is not great. Everything can be used at some level when it comes to business.

3. Prioritize Actionable Ideas:

Once you have the list of ideas shared during the brainstorming process, you need to discuss every idea to identify actionable ones. That means you need to identify which idea could be implemented first and how. Rank each of them based on their feasibility, impacts, and ease of application. If any action takes a shorter time but has a bigger impact, then go for it first.

Optimize those processes, which could result in quicker results. Automate mundane processes that require more human effort. Once such processes are automated, you can then identify where to allocate resources for further optimization.

4. Measure and Optimize:

Any implementation is just a waste of time if you are not using data to measure the impact. With every action, you need to calculate how efficiently the technology is working to meet goals. Data would help you identify how many resources are freed due to automation and how many are required for other process optimizations.

5. Keep Business Operational While Innovating:

Make sure to take the help of such technologies that do not block the business activities while you are implementing innovation. Do not launch a half-baked website when features are not fully functional. Similarly, while the automation is still in progress, the business activity should perform as usual.

These are the five ways you could make sure that your business receives smooth digital transformation. Do not forget to start with vision prioritization. If your vision is aligned with the objectives of your business, then any technological advancement will deliver positive output. Keep creative ideas as your input and prioritize them as per their impact and application. Do not forget to measure the implementation process and keep everything operational while you are bringing the change in your business.

In case you find the above steps to be difficult, you could join GoFounders, where the leaders guide you throughout the transformation process. GoFounders members also receive access to ONPASSIVE’s Ecosystem that offers several AI-driven business automation tools. So based on the feedback received from the team, you could identify which tool your business needs and when.

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