I Am So Blessed To Be Involved With GoFounders 24 September, 2021
I Feel So Happy To See All The Good News Given By Ash, Sir 23 September, 2021
I Feel Proud Of Being A Founder Of ONPASSIVE 22 September, 2021
It Is Great To Be Part Of Such A Business! 21 September, 2021
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Decoded! The Growth of Digital Lending During Pandemic

The Present Covid-19 Situation Has Cleared One Vulnerable Situation Across The Financial Sectors. Financial Organizations Or Banks That Had Adopted The Blessings Of Information Technology In Their Operations Much Before The Pandemic Began Have Been Proven Resilient When The Crisis Hit. There Is A Blessing In Disguise That Banks Are Holding A Few Non-performing Loans That They Are Disbursing During The Peak Time Of Crisis. That Is Called ...

A Marketers’ Playbook to Leverage Marketing Automation

Automation Of Marketing Will Help An Organization Make The Most Of Its Online Marketing Activities. The Owner Of Today's Organization Is Busy, And Not All Small Corporations Can Afford An Entire Marketing Team. Automation Is Designed To Streamline And Provide A More Hands-free Interface Throughout The Marketing Process. Sales Departments Will Concentrate More On Cultivating Clients And ...

Bring AI into Action by Investing in Humans

The Strategic Value Of Operationalizing Ai Is Recognized By It Leaders And Business Executives Worldwide, But Shockingly Only A Few Have Progressed Beyond Experimentation. A Recent Capgemini Survey Found That Only 13 Percent Of Businesses Have Progressed Beyond Concept Proof (poc) To Scaling Ai Across The Organization. Since It Reflects Wasted Time And Money And Unrealized Potential, The ...

ASH – God Sent You to Help All Humanity & ONPASSIVE will do This

Hello, My Brother And Sister Founders; I Just Listened To The Thursday Webinar Man, And This Was An Awesome Webinar, Ash You Were On Fire. I Can Hear It In Your Voice, And You Fired Me Up As Well; My Head Was Spinning. We Are A Super Unicorn Company And Bigger Than All That Is Out There. All These Other So-called Companies Will Be Coming To Us Onpassive. We Will Be The Company That Will Rock The Internet, And Everyone Will Want To Join Us ...

Ash Thank you for not Leaving One Child behind on the Planet

You Are God Sent Ash, Thank You For Not Leaving One Child Behind On The Planet. The World Will Never Be The Same Again With Onpassive Thy "o" Way Of Life. Everyone Will Have A Share Of The Pie, And That's The Sweetest Way To Deliver And Redeem Humanity.  ...

I cannot be Truly Rich with All the Money ONPASSIVE Gives me until I have a Rich Heart

Hello, Fellow Founders All Over The World. It Is With Uppermost Respect And Gratitude To Ash, His Family, And Those Of You Who Work Tirelessly Behind The Scene I Say This: I Cannot Be Truly Rich With All The Money Onpassive Gives Me Until I Have A Rich Heart… A Heart To Give Back. You All Have A Top Evening And Day Ahead.  ...

AI in Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

Customer Service And Experience Have A Large Role To Play In An Organization’s Success. Improved Customer Service Leads To Higher Sales And Revenues. However, Changing Customer Needs And Requirements Have Made It Difficult For Businesses To Enhance Customer Loyalty. In Today’s Competitive World, Small And Large Businesses Will Need To Invest In Artificial Intelligence Technologies To Enhance The Customer Experience. ...

5 Big Changes that were transforming Search & Digital Marketing Space

The Digital World Undergoes Regular Changes, Especially During This Mix Of Challenging Periods. This Made Companies Adjust The Operations Throughout The Globe. Based Upon These Conditions, They Start To Rethink, Scale-up, And Down Their Business Model. Hence There Is A Considerable Demand Arises For Seo's To Transform This Digitally Accelerated Phenomenon, Let's Explore 5 Major Shifts In ...

How to Outperform the Competition by Mastering People, Process, and Platforms

When It Comes To The Enterprise Level, Seo Challenges Are Significant. It Is Mainly Because The Search Has Become Increasingly Complex Due To The Google Algorithm's Constant Improvements. Therefore, Marketers Are Necessitated To Restructure Their Content Marketing Strategies And Redesign Their Sites. Today, There Are Multiple Online Brands. Therefore, Businesses Will Need To Get Their Enterprise Seo ...

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