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In this article, we will be looking into 10 steps of creating the ultimate social media marketing plan that works on a proven social media strategy. Social media is one of the biggest platforms available on the Internet, for a brand or a company to reach out to its customers and improve its branding.

To help you create the perfect social media marketing plan, with the best social media strategy we have 10 steps to help you achieve this goal:

Defining Your Journey:

Customer Journey

You should be able to define exactly why you want to use social media for your business. There can be many different reasons such as increasing brand awareness, generating new leads or getting more traffic to your website.

If you have already defined your goals, then your next step should be to allocate your budget, however it is incredibly important for you to be realistic! You should have specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive goals. One of the ways you can start with this process is by making a list of all the goals that you hope to achieve. By doing this, you will be consistent and remain focused.

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Defining Your Target Audience:

No niche is the same and they all have different sets of target audiences based on the various products or services being sold. You need to create a buyer persona, to define your target audience better.

There are a few questions that you can ask while defining your target audience which are:

  • What is the cost of your service or product?
  • Which class would find your products affordable?
  • Is your service made for small or big businesses?
  • What would be the revenue for these businesses?
  • Where your audience are located physically?

Know your competition:

It is important to know your competition if you want your business to thrive and you must always have the capability to outsmart your competitors and secure more deals than them. This will help you learn and avoid the mistakes of your competitors.

You also need to figure out social media platforms that your audiences are using to search and also discuss the products that you are offering them. When you find your audience, you need to get active on their platforms by creating appropriate content on their platforms.

Delegating work to different team members:

One good way of making your social media strategy work is realizing that sometimes work should be shared. Instead of burdening one person with the humongous task of handling social media, you can instead share the work. For instance, one person can create the content and another can handle posting, optimizing, and measuring the performance of these posts on your social media.

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Consistent Branding across:


If you have made the choice to use multiple social media platforms for your brand, then remember to keep it consistent. Use the same logo, colors, or fonts in every platform that you use. This ensures that your customers do not get confused and that their brand recall is high.

Constantly engage your audience:

Once your audience starts responding to your posts, you have to make them feel special and heard. This can be done by linking their comments and writing posts on their requests, but this should be done professionally so that our brand vision is not altered or compromised. Some other ways of keeping your audience engaged are by using polls, questions, images with questions, surveys, quizzes, etc.

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Nurturing/promotional content ratio:

The best proportion of nurturing content ratio is 70/30. There is 70% of content that should be designed to engage followers and 30% for promotional purposes. Everything your audience is interested in should form engaging content. You should always aim to strike a conversation so that the audience doesn’t shut away because of promotional content.

Track your growth:

Google Analytics is a great tool that can provide you with information such as the content which worked best for you and the one that didn’t. You can also utilize all of this information to decide and guide your social media strategy for lead generation. Evaluating your previous performances can help you do better next time.

Stay alert and updated:

As a growing business, you should be aware of all the recent market trends and utilities. This helps you give your audience an elevated experience. No matter how swamped you are with your workload, never ignore educating yourself on the happenings of your industry. Because this is the way you are going to increase the organic growth of your business.

Review, revise, and improve your work:

It is always a good idea to keep experimenting with new things and new social media platforms such as  Facebook and Twitter. This does not necessarily mean that you should ignore LinkedIn and Pinterest. You should always keep experimenting, learning, and upgrading your strategy.


In conclusion, these are ten different steps of creating the perfect social media plan. We hope you found this article informative in understanding what are the necessary steps to create the perfect social media plan. By utilizing these steps you can create an effective social media plan, with the best social media strategy.

We hope you found this article informative. Thanks for reading!

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