Social media messengers

In this era of technological advancement, our smartphones enable us to constantly and instantly communicate with our friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Social Media Messengers:

Social media messengers have gone a step ahead and are now offering all kinds of interactions with others, from free text messaging, to voice and video calling, to sharing photos and files with an added benefit of encryption.

The same technique is now being applied in business as well through Facebook, by letting you connect with customers and prospects. Facebook Messenger specifically for business pages makes it easy to offer instant one-on-one customer service while keeping a record of the conversation. We attempt to explain how Facebook Messenger can be used with your business page.

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Business and Social Media Messengers:

The stats that we present to you here will be enough to convince you about the potential of using Facebook Messenger for your business.

  • With 1.3 billion users currently using Messenger globally, FB Messenger is expected to grow to 2.4 billion users by 2021.
  • Over 20 billion messages are exchanged between business and users monthly on FB Messenger.
  • Messenger features more than 300,000 active chatbots.
  • With over 2 million monthly downloads, FB Messenger is one of the leading platforms in the US.
  • Messenger marketing leads to a credible 70% better open rate than email marketing.
  • More than 89% of users access Facebook on their mobile devices and check FB 14 times a day.

So, these many people who have direct access to FB also have access to Messenger. The ability to directly message your audience is truly powerful, especially since Facebook would rather have users use their platforms, rather than jumping into an email. When businesses start conversations with users, companies are befriending them. Hence, business relationships are turning into personal ones. Facebook has been tweaking the Messenger features to assist businesses efficiently manage their communications.

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1. Enable Messages on your Page:

First things first, enable messenger to accept and send messages on your page. Go to Messages under General settings and then click edit. Then select the option to allow messages to your page, and click save changes. You can also appoint moderators, in case there are more FB messages than you can handle.

2. Configure Message settings:

For you to adjust your business messenger, there are two settings such as Response Time and Instant Replies. Access them by going to setting and then messaging.

Delay a Response TimeThe time you take to reply to a message or response time appears in the about box on the left side of your page. Set response time for your page by going to settings and messaging and click automatically show your response time for messages.

Send Instant Replies: Set Instant replies to go to people the first time they message your page. The feature is featured below Response Time under Messaging. You could write a message of up to  250 characters, save it and click Use Instant Replies to enable it.

3. Create Saved Replies:

Having messages ready ahead of time is a time-saver that makes you look professional and efficient. It helps you to quickly reply to anyone contacting your business. Save several replies ready for you to streamline your FB communication. You can also create personalized replies and responses.

4. Learn About Users who Message you:

As mentioned in the point above, you can create personalized replies and messages.FB displays personal details of the people messaging you on the right side of their messages.

Facebook links to their profile and tells you if the person has liked your page, or if there were any previous communication between you and the complete bio that FB generally displays. This helps you as a business to make that extra connection with your client or user. This also generates extra loyalty.

5. Add Keywords and Notes:  

One of the interesting features that make Messenger lean towards businesses is its ability to let you add keywords which translates into manageable conversions. Apart from keywords, you can also add notes to keep track of the details about your interactions. Having the Notes feature is important if you are troubleshooting an issue for a customer for you to document the process.

6. Add a Messenger Box to your Website:

You could urge your website visitors to contact you on Facebook with the page plugin feature.

In conclusion, Facebook Messenger for business is like a boon for businesses to have instant contact and connection with their customers. In the truest sense, with messenger businesses can turn conversations into customer loyalty.

With the usage of Facebook Messenger in business, you could acquire customers, enable transactions, drive awareness and show customers that you care.

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