Types Of Advertising

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In the previous article, we have looked into understanding the various advantages and disadvantages of advertising. Now, we will be looking into the major types of advertising which can be divided into three main segments which are:

  1. ATL – Above the line advertisements
  2. BTL – Below the line advertisements
  3. TTL – Through the line advertisements

This line was a metric which was used to separate marketing activities with greater penetration compared to those with a specific penetration. Due to the increased competition and development in technology which may emerge through the line marketing activities.

This can help to blur the line between the use of both ATL and BTL advertising activities. Now, let us take a closer look at various advertising activities on the basis of marketing motives, target groups as well as the budget of the marketer.

So What Exactly is Above the Line Advertising?

Above the line advertising or marketing can consist of advertising activities which are mostly non-targeted and do not have a wide reach as well. This form of communication is usually done in building the brand and informing the customers above the product.

What are the Major Examples of Above the Line Advertising?

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print Advertisements – Magazine & Newspaper
  • Outdoor advertising

What is Below the Line Advertising?

Below the line advertising can have specific, memorable and direct advertising activities which focus on specific, memorable and direct advertising activities which focus on a targeted group of customers.

Line marketing contains direct marketing strategies which can be directed to specific target groups and can be focused on conversions, rather than building brands.

What are the Major Examples of Below the Line Advertising?

The major examples of below the line promotion are sponsorship, direct mail marketing, brand activation and in-store marketing! The major advantages of below the line marketing are extremely targeted, better ROI, easier to control and can be tailor-made.

How do you Define Through the Line Advertising?

Through the line, advertising can use both ATL & BTL marketing strategies! Recent consumer trends in the market for better results. Marketing campaigns involve marketers using both ATL & BTL strategies and can refer to 360-advertising and campaigns.

The major examples of using through-the-line advertising are 360-degree marketing and digital marketing. Through the line, advertising is crucial in helping to achieve a specific set of goals or ideas.

In conclusion, these are the major types of advertising. We hope you found this article informative in helping you achieve your advertising goals. Thanks for reading!