AI Conversion Optimization

The world of marketing is truly a revolving door of trends. And these marketing trends coupled with technology have stayed with us for most of it. But the best of those trends is what we will be discussing here in this blog. Speaking of marketing trends, we cannot certainly ignore Artificial Intelligence-powered digital marketing.

AI in Digital Marketing:

Just like the mobile revolution of the past decade, AI in marketing has created a spot for itself for the present and future. Digital Marketing is getting stronger with each passing day, thanks to the advent of AI-driven tools being used in it. These tools can perform different functions to boost digital marketing including AI conversion optimization.

Artificial intelligence is being used in a plethora of business activities, thanks to its ability to deliver key insights into customer behavior. AI is also utilized to communicate with customers/leads on its path to checkout.  AI can be used to get you a better conversion rate as well. Let’s look at some stats to back AI’s usage in digital marketing.

  • Market revenue for AI is expected to grow from $7.4 billion in 2018 to $89.85 billion by 2025 globally.
  • It is being estimated that AI will drive profitability by 38% and help generate $14 trillion in additional revenue by 2035.
  • 72% of business leaders state that AI will be the fundamental business advantage in the future.

There is indeed a lot of things riding on the success of AI and it is up for individuals, brands, companies, firms, and organizations to adapt to the changing times and adopt the best AI-driven marketing tool to boost their business growth in tandem. All this trickles down to finding the best AI-based conversion rate optimization tools to get there.

There are quite a few AI-backed technologies and tools to play in the market. We bring you some of them for your reading pleasure.

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AI-driven Customized experiences:

A new but popular technology that lets you predict with certainty, customize at scale and convert quicker. This is a platform that engages your customers with custom-built experiences that shorten sales cycles, all by leveraging AI and collected data. All this with lower bounce rates on your website and increased conversion rate.

Identify possible lead & Convert:

Another AI-powered platform in digital marketing where marketers can identify the potential lead and convert them. This way AI contributes to the pipeline growth and sales teams in the quest of decision-makers who will later become their best customers. It all leads to improving your brand’s conversion rates. To top it all, the technology can also provide wise recommendations.

Displaying appropriate ads at the right time:

Showcasing the right ads to the right target audience is now possible with AI-driven tools, based on user interest and intent. This way AI can create memorable experiences that build brand equity and improves the company’s bottom line. If you are wondering how? AI-powered tools build an emotional connection with users that seems genuine.

Feedback interpretation:

It is an AI-guided text analytics platform that interprets user feedback. This way, the company employing this tool can improve its offerings and hence contribute immensely to its bottom line and conversion rate. The tool collects feedback information and data from various sources such as open-survey questionnaire, chat logs, online reviews, social media platforms, and produce actionable insights that help in driving business results.

CONCLUSION: We all know that artificial intelligence is being used in various sectors for numerous purposes. But when it comes to marketing, AI is mainly deployed to achieve that primary goal: improving conversion rates. One thing that we can be sure of is marketing coupled with AI is the next big thing and its time for businesses to adapt and adopt the technologies of the future to deliver better customer satisfaction.

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