As human beings, we always want somebody to understand our emotions and feelings. Right from the time of the early ages, to the present day man was always in search of emotional contentment which is of the highest value. Emotional Intelligence is also reaching new heights in the field of Artificial Intelligence as new devices like bots are created that focus on understanding the emotions of the people like the tone of voice, gestures they make, facial expressions and so on.

Chatbots in customer service have a unique capability of understanding the human mindset and their emotions. The deployment of Chatbots in a company’s customer service will improve the quality of the customer experience thereby increasing the visibility and image of the brand.

Role of Chatbots in Customer Service:

Chatbots are used in customer service to perform simple tasks like answering basic questions which include the who, why and what which are easily dealt by the Chatbots. Chatbots play a major role in giving out the right answers that are pivotal to any and every business organization. However, in the present days, Chatbots are capable of doing more than just answering these questions, thanks to the advancement in AI technology.

Empathetic Chatbots in Businesses:

With achieving new phases of AI technology, Chatbots with in-built features are being developed that focus on providing the best experience to their customers in the excellent way possible. Previously, there was a time when Bots were more focused on providing the answers to particular questions and understanding the intent of the conversation was never a goal.

The present Chatbots are capable of doing more than just giving answers to the questions posed by the customers.  Emotional empathy is an aspect that has been given the highest importance by most of the present businesses which deploy Chatbots. When a conversation has an element of empathy to it, there exists a sense of contentment within the customers who feel that they are heard and also given importance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Chatbots: 

Empathetic AI when programmed with emotional empathy and compassionate empathy tend to be of the best service as they understand the correct tone of the customer’s questions that require answers with empathy and compassion. This is made possible with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) that helps the bots to understand the actual intent of the conversation with the help of the tone used by the speaker.

NLP is an aspect that helps the Chatbots in clearly understanding the complete picture of who or what is to be done with the rise of “Empathy Economy” which leverages the effectiveness of the Customer service approach and experience. With the help of Automation, the tasks of rerouting calls, scheduling mails and responding to queries is done easily that further increases the higher chance of delivering customer service interactions that promote retention, value and satisfaction.

Significance of Empathy in Customer Service:

Customer Service and experience is an important aspect of any business. The higher the value of providing quality service, the higher is the chance of the customer satisfaction. Empathy and interpersonal skills are very much necessary for being able to provide the best service to the customers. The absence of these skills would result in a not so satisfied customer experience which again brings down the brand visibility of a business organization.


Emotional AI can predict what is necessary at what time with the help of Chatbots that give a personalized experience to the customers according to their needs, wants and aspirations. The future of providing the best customer service is only possible by clubbing AI Chatbots as the customer service agents which increase the efficiency and the satisfaction rate of the customers which can be achieved with the help of operational excellence by delivering the best customer experience.