It is a fact that Artificial intelligence (AI) rather than serving as a replacement for human intelligence and ingenuity, is generally seen as a supporting tool. It is adept at processing and scrutinizing troves of data far more quickly than a human brain could. In recent years, AI is being used for guiding decisions on everything from crop harvests to bank loans, and once pie-in-the-sky prospects such as automated customer service are on the horizon.

In this way, humans can use artificial intelligence to help the game out possible consequences of each action and streamline the decision-making process. Even the technologies that support AI like that of the development platforms and vast processing power and data storage are galloping ahead rapidly and are now increasingly affordable too. In a way, many organizations and companies have understood this fact and are trying to capitalize on AI.

Artificial Intelligence itself has the potential to add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade. Though it is just 8 % of firms that engage in core practices that support widespread adoption of AI and advanced analytics. The business owners or industry leaders have sprung into action to move companies towards AI. For that to happen, there is a requirement of three shifts such as:

  • From siloed work to interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • From experience-based, leader-driven decision making to data-driven decision making at the front line.
  • From rigid and risk-averse to agile, experimental, and adaptable.

To achieve these shifts, it will not be easy and a quick affair. Business leaders need to work on building the AI-Powered organization with some stern steps such as:

Setting up for success

  • Explaining why and define the proper understanding of employees’ roles in the new environment.
  • Anticipating unique barriers to change – based on company structure and culture.
  • Budgeting as much for integration and adoption as for technology (if not more).
  • Balancing feasibility, time investment, and value.

Organizing for scale

setting organizational structure with proper central AI and analytics hub and strong execution of business units. This hybrid hub-and-spoke model and clear responsibilities split can be very efficient.

Educate everyone

AI is bringing demand for a new type of knowledge and business practices, it requires to upgrade on all levels from leaders to end-users and new functions like analytics and translators should bring them both closer together.

Reinforcing the change

Leaders, business units responsible for implementation, and whole organizations need to be aligned with AI initiatives inside companies and work efficiently and responsibly to move organizations into AI-run business models.

All the points mentioned above in this post are now being undertaken b a lot of organizations specializing in AI. One such organization that believes in AI is ONPASSIVE, a super unicorn in the making that strives to help build AI-powered organizations out Individuals and small businesses.

ONPASSIVE Artificial intelligence (AI):

To know about ONPASSIVE, You need to know under what circumstances ONPASSIVE came into being.

Small businesses, across the web, are facing fierce competition from the big players. First of all, this is not even a competition due to the AI tools used by big companies that are designed to perform much-advanced functions when compared to the small businesses as a result mostly dominated by manual activities.

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A competition would be called fair if both the parties have similar tools and potential to face each other, and only that party would be named a winner who is more passionate and dedicated towards their business. This is where ONPASSIVE with its superior artificial intelligence technology comes into play where it empowers businesses with complete automation and a self-motivated team.

The ONPASSIVE ecosystem is a combination of advanced automation tools with artificial intelligence to provide it with an edge over other automation tools available online. This super unicorn company was conceptualized by Ash Mufareh, a pioneer himself in the field of application of artificial intelligence in online business. ONPASSIVE AI is a company designed and developed to produce and provide end-to-end business solutions with a touch of AI into it.

ONPASSIVE can provide AI-driven tools to automate individual business activities, and later sync every process for a smooth operation with high productivity.

Benefits for companies onboarding ONPASSIVE AI Ecosystem:

There are multiple advantages for small business owners and businesses onboarding ONPASSIVE platform, and one can get benefitted personally and professionally as well.

Access to Automation Tools:

Registered members could access AI-driven tools designed to keep every business activity in mind. These are free tools available for every business holders to use and can be personalized as per the type of activities involved in the business.

Business Transformation

ONPASSIVE helps to transform your offline business to online phenomena with the help of tools and services it promises to provide to its members. From multiple business tools to standalone business, it provides everything through its plug-n-play business model.

Web Traffic:

Lack of enough website visitors is the top-most reason why many companies fail to survive. ONPASSIVE ensures free guaranteed visitors to your site by posting ads and contents on the company profile pages, social media communities and other partner channels to draw audience attention towards your business have to offer.

 Business management tools:

ONPASSIVE offers various tools that take care of these activities:

  • Domain name registration – ONPASSIVE decides and provides you with the most suitable domain name that matches your business.
  • Web Hosting – Purchasing domain names are always followed by buying web hosting plans. ONPASSIVE makes it easier for you by hosting your website on its platform.
  • Website Builder: It provides pre-defined customizable themes and templates for website designing and to make it as professional as it can get. Plugins and bots support your on-page activities and ensure the continuous functioning of your website without any interruption.
  • Email Campaigns: ONPASSIVE has its own automated email campaign platform to create customized templates for bulk delivery and future campaigns.
  • Targeted Campaigns: The Company uses a huge database of your target audience where your campaigns and posts perform the best by generating expected results.

Apart from these tools, ONPASSIVE offers various other tools and services, like – VPN services, Email marketing, Targeted and Mass marketing campaigns, IP tracker, Video marketing, etc. One of the ready-to-use tools already launched by ONPASSIVE is TrimURL which is a URL shortener.

Key Highlights of ONPASSIVE:

  1. A Smart way of doing things:

It doesn’t matter if a company is online or not if the company can afford hardware and maintenance expenses, and if the company has a small team or individually operated. ONPASSIVE provides an end-to-end business solution and enables a company to become self-sustaining and self-operational with no human interference required in any business or marketing activity with the help of the future of every technology – Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Easy to Handle:

The plug-n-play tools offered by ONPASSIVE are easy to install and in no time start delivering expected results. These tools is design’s to generate high productivity and precision in every task, and the user needn’t have to be tech-savvy to understand the functions of these tools.

  1. Result-Oriented and Data-Driven:

Every task performed by these tools is measurable and reversible. The AI enables these tools to understand the pattern, forecast the result, plan the action required, and at the end, generate reports that can be viewed in the customizable dashboard to analyze data.

  1. Ensures Free Web Traffic:

Who wouldn’t want free traffic on the business site? ONPASSIVE ensures the promotion of your products and services on multiple channels to attract potential customers and tempts them to visit your website. Also, it performs SEO on your behalf for enabling traffic flowing from search engines.

We hope this blog post article gives a gist of what ONPASSIVE has to offer for upcoming companies that are hoping to build an AI-powered organization and become the success story of tomorrow. No doubt, ONPASSIVE is the future of any online business which exists to provide AI-driven tools required to succeed with equal effort & passion, lead the team which contributes by continuously motivate others for equal participation and share the same vision as you do.

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