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In this article, we will be looking into how creativity in marketing has evolved and looks like today! Marketing is all about creativity, and you can take care of various business functions such as customer experience, analytics, and customer experience. So let us take a look into understanding just how creativity in marketing looks like today:

1. Creating with the customer, not just for the customer

All companies want to be customer-centric, and this means that you should be taking better aim with targeted campaigns. Customers today are not just consumers; they are also creators, who are constantly developing content and ideas, while also encountering challenges right along with you. Creativity in marketing involves working with customers from the beginning by integrating their experiences with your efforts to expand your company’s reach.

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2. Investing in the end-to-end experience

Every single marketer believes that customer experience is crucial and many marketers always focus on the parts of that experience which are under their direct control. Creative marketers always should take a broader view, which pays attention to the entire customer experience from end to end. The entire process includes the product, the buying process, the ability to provide support, and customer relationships over time. All of this takes time and resources,  which requires bringing more creative thinking to unfamiliar problems.

3. Turning everyone into an advocate

In a fragmented media and social landscape, marketers can also no longer reach their goals for awareness and reputation just through paid media and PR. People are the new channel and the best way to amplify impact is by inspiring creativity in others. You need to treat everyone as an extension of your marketing team which includes employees, partners, and even customers.

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4. Bringing creativity to measurement

In order to measure digital engagement, we need to know exactly what’s working and not working. This gives marketing an opportunity to measure and manage itself in new ways. In the past, marketing was always measured by just sticking to budgets and winning creative awards. The main ability you have is to measure data in adjusting strategies in real-time which enables marketing to prove its value to the business in entirely new ways.

5. Always thinking like a startup

In the past, marketers needed to be effective managers, setting goals well in advance, and then working within budget to achieve those goals. Today, creative marketers need to operate more like entrepreneurs, continuously adjusting to sustain “product/market fit.


The changes that are happening in consumer behaviour, technology, and media which redefines the nature of creativity in marketing. The measure of marketing success is not the input, but the quality of a piece of content or a campaign involves the value of the output. Today’s marketers need to push themselves to think more like innovators and entrepreneurs to get the best results possible. We hope you found this article, informative.

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