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We all understand the importance of a website for a business. Especially in the current economic situation, when most people are asked to stay home, having a website is vital to keeping your business relevant and running. But do you know how to build one?

The good news is that you don’t need to hire hundreds of web developers; all you need is ONPASSIVE AI, Website Builder.

ONPASSIVE Website Builder is the ultimate tool to build your business website. With absolutely no coding and little experience, you can quickly develop a website in real-time and launch it for your business.

More and more users like to search for products directly through the e-commerce website instead of searching. Large e-commerce firms are changing our experience in online shopping, as a result of web app development. Several e-commerce firms actively adopt innovative web development technologies, such as voice searches, virtual assistants, and other artificial intelligence solutions.

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Here are some of the benefits of the implementation of ONPASSIVE AI for the development of business websites.
  • Emphasizes Faster Search and drives more organic traffic
  • Offer more relevant customer interaction and experience.
  • Provide effective digital marketing solutions to targeted consumers
  • Increase engagement rate with the website visitors even better.
  • Provide a personalized experience of your business

Advantages of AI in Web Development for Business

In the digital age, AI has impacted all the industries, and web design is no different. For small companies with limited capabilities of human power, AI offers quick interactions with customers to provide the right information. Artificial intelligence in web development can help both the user and the organization.

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ONPASSIVE AI Platform helps your business in many ways which are:

  • User Experience
  • Personalized Content
  • Voice search optimization
  • AI as a UX element
  • Bounce Rate

Artificial Intelligence in Web Design & Development

While building a website, the user interface design process requires a lot of creativity and often begins small where website designers share their innovative ideas.

The design is then drawn and is usually captured within a photograph and translated into an HTML structure to start the web development process.

This often requires considerable effort, and there might be a delay in the design process.

This is where AI comes; you can capture the website contents of the final design on a photo and then upload it to an AI routine. After this step, you can use this to generate the prototype web app.

ONPASSIVE, an AI-based solution relies on artificial intelligence in order to develop a website for your business.

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AI Can be used in Various Other Ways

ONPASSIVE uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to accelerate the designing processes. The tools help you build a website, and your business can start discovering hidden opportunities.

With the help of the ONPASSIVE website builder, you can offer relevant experiences to each customer while we help you work smarter, better, and faster.

Artificial intelligence makes your business smarter. ONPASSIVE brought together business leaders from various industries to share their opportunities and challenges for artificial intelligence in the company.

ONPASSIVE establishes AI at the center of incredible customer experiences

Looking at the positive side of implementing artificial intelligence in technology, we witness several large companies leveraging artificial intelligence to strengthen customer relationships and create a brand new category and industry.

Microsoft’s cloud platform, ONPASSIVE, IBM, and other businesses are taking their steps in successfully implementing AI and helping other companies benefit from the intelligent platform. 

No doubt, AI is redefining the way present-day websites are being developed.

This is the main reason many software development companies are seeking AI’s power to create smart web applications for improving engagement, scalability, interaction, reliability, and overall experience of the website. You can also get other AI business development services from ONPASSIVE to get an AI-driven website for yourself.

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