GoFounders Downloads

So far, we have guided you through GoFounders My Profile, Community, Webinars and My Links sections. However, there is one more section created to inject the feeling of sharing.

Before heading to the Downloads section, let’s summarize what we learnt so far on using GoFounders dashboard.

  1. My Profile section allows you to update personal data that can be viewed by other founders such as profile picture, contact number, email ID, sponsor details, password update option and My Library to store photos.
  2. Community page allows you to view, like and comment on posters that display records and achievements of ONPASSIVE. It also provides notes on Dos and Don’ts under Terms of Use. User’s Guide helps you with step-by-step instructions of uploading posters and videos on the Community page.
  3. Webinars tab allows you to access public or private recorded videos of webinars conducted by moderators, mostly the founders. It also shares details of upcoming webinar sessions with login credentials created for the founders.
  4. My Links section helps you to create invitation links to be shared on websites and social media sites. It also provides a link to ONPASSIVE’s built-in TrimURL tool which is designed to customize links by inserting keywords into the shortened URLs.

GoFounders Downloads:

GoFounders Downloads is an option available for all the registered members to download videos, posters and e-books created to enable sharing and accessibility easier than print medium.

ONPASSIVE wants to empower its founders with all required tools and contents which will help them to build a team and strengthen their motivation.

Posters: GoFounders Downloads page contains posters with new and fresh motivational quotes created by ONPASSIVE’s own Content Management team along with images created by the Graphic Designing team. These posters can be downloaded by just a click and can be uploaded and shared on any platform as preferred.

Videos: These teams are also dedicated to providing videos with slides that highlight the need for ONPASSIVE and GoFounders in everyone’s life. Founders can download these 2-3 minutes eye-catching-videos, which help to attract more people that relate to the issue mentioned in the video contents.

E-books: The most important shareable content which is specially designed for the founders is E-books. ONPASSIVE understands that it can reach masses across nations by breaking the language barrier. So it has uploaded e-books with the title “ONPASSIVE- GoFounders full overview” written in multiple languages under Downloads section. These digital books can be downloaded and shared by anyone who wants to understand – What is ONPASSIVE? Why is GoFounders required? How is Ash Mufareh considered as the ultimate saviour in today’s world? These e-books are available in PDF format which you can read on the browser by “Click to View” option or if you want to read later, then you can click on the “Download” button.

Webinar Videos: Downloads section also contains a few public recording webinar videos which are ready to be downloaded and shared with other prospects on different platforms and websites. Date and presenter’s name would be mentioned on each webinar videos. Unlike other sections, GoFounders Downloads allows you to download the content and share it in public forums and for inviting other interested members. These downloaded videos remain on your desktop or hard disk as long as you wish to have. ONPASSIVE does it all for you by creating contents and videos which you believe suit best with your tone of sharing information with your community and audience. You just need to follow one essential step – CLICK.