Marketing Automation

Startups have all the potential to turn out to be the next big unicorn. They have a plethora o information and tools at their disposal. But missing out on things that seem trivial like marketing automation can shatter their big dreams in the long run.

In today’s blog let us understand why it is essential for startups to use marketing automation. Automation for any company, big or small, is a force-multiplier for their marketing efforts and businesses can ignore automation for marketing at their peril.

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Save money and time with Automation:

Startups can be the next big thing in businesses only if they can hire right. And hiring comes at a premium. The process of hiring can drain your resources and time. Now incorporating automation in your business can take away some of the mundane tasks at hand and it gives you back the budget that could have been spent on hiring someone for that very specific task.

One of the recent hiring reports of 2019 pointed that nearly half of startups reported missing their hiring goal for 2018 as they lacked a recruitment team. Startups or small businesses do not have a dedicated HR team to help the company bring talent on board. It only makes sense for these startups to automate tasks rather than hire a new person and thereby save time, effort and money vital for a cash-conscious startup Despite bringing in a marketing strategy from outside, having invested in a marketing automation tool allows your existing team members to save time.

Startups rely more on social media campaigns and this takes considerable time and skill. With marketing automation, many tasks that go into the making of a successful campaign can be automated easing on time and resource constraints.

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Boost lead generation efforts with Automation:

Starting a business is hard work. Startups might have the greatest ideas and the best products, but if no leads are coming through, sales won’t follow as well. And without sales, no business can survive.

It is therefore very important for any startup to have prospects. But would a growing startup have enough time to dedicate for potential customers to nurture them? Having more time in hand means the added ability to reach out to a bigger clientele and move potential clients through the sales journey comfortably.

Marketing automation can help startups in a big way to generate leads. Startups don’t have to spend their budget on hiring someone of this purpose. Automation helps in creating a valuable database of leads by gathering information about prospects. This data is highly beneficial for a startup as it can derive patterns and give you insights into marketing strategies. These marketing strategies, in turn, dictate the course of the startup at an early stage.

Level the playing field with Automation:

Most of the startups are agile and innovative but they have to compete against the big, established players in the industry. Applying marketing automation at an early stage lets a startup have the advantage and be closer to a more level playing field.

Modern marketing automation tools in the market such as ONPASSIVE’s AI-enabled smart business solutions for startups are responsive, easy to use, and highly accessible. This easy to set up a business solution or automation tool once set up correctly to the specific startup needs makes the marketing campaigns successful.

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